Dahlem holds special events throughout the year. These events revolve around what is happening in the natural world, and celebrate our connection with plants and animals. They are designed with something to suit all tastes and are a fun and interesting way to learn about nature and the great outdoors. For more information on any of our events, call (517) 782-3453 or contact us. Also, be sure to check out our Partner Organizations page.

Program Codes – (A) Adult | (F) Family | (C) Child


Adirondack Adventures

Thursday, January 22
2:00 PM
In 2014 Dahlem led an eco-tour to the mountains of northern New York, where participants visited rare ecosystems, sought rare birds, and took in some of the history of the region. Education Director Ellen Rathbone shares the adventure during this photographic presentation.

The Wonderful World of Bats (F) (A) (C)

Saturday, January 24
2:00 PM
Winter is a great time to learn about bats! The Organization for Bat Conservation will be here at Dahlem with live bats! Come learn about what makes these mammals so special, and why each of us should do our best to help protect Michigan’s bats. Fee: $3/member; $5/non-member.

Drum-making Workshop (A)

Saturday, January 31
10:00 AM
Drum-making is an ancient art that honors the animals whose hides are used for the drum head and the trees whose wood is used to make the frame. Today drumming has become very popular in helping people reconnect with nature and spirit. In this workshop you will make your own 15” drum and drumstick to take home. No previous skills are required. Registration is due by January 3 so we can place the order for materials. When you register, indicate your preference for elk or horse. Fee: $100/member; $130/non-member for elk; $90/member, $120/non-member for horse. Payment is due upon registration. Class is limited to 8 participants.


Wild Animals of Michigan

Sunday, February 1
2:00 PM
Three 20-minute movies feature some of the charismatic animals that call Michigan home: black bears, sandhill cranes, and owls.

Moonlight X-Country Skiing (A) (F)

Saturday, February 7
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Join skiing enthusiast Jim Seitz for a moonlit ski around Dahlem’s trails. Afterwards, enjoy a warm dessert at our campfire – a Dutch oven treat made by Jim just for you! Fee: $5/member; $10/non-member. Pre-registration
required by 2/6.

Life Lessons Taught by Bees (A)

Saturday, February 7
2:00 PM
Gold can be found even on the darkest of days, sometimes in the form of honey. Against the backdrop of an entertaining story, bee enthusiast Charlotte Hubbard shares how she fell head-over-hive tool in love with bees, and offers helpful insights and lessons on handling bees, and life’s challenges. Fee: $3/member; $5/non-member.

Natural Michigan

Sunday, February 8
2:00 PM
Join nature photographer Robert Domm on a photographic tour of the natural wonders of the Mitten State. Copies of his stunning books will be available for purchase and signing.

Bird Banding

Saturday, February 14
9:00 AM
Can you think of a more perfect way to spend a wintery morning than coming out to Dahlem for bird banding? Join Allen Chartier and Dahlem’s staff as we mist-net birds at our bird feeding station, bring them indoors for banding (and real up-close looks), and release them back outside. This is your chance to have the proverbial bird in your hand! Program begins with a PowerPoint presentation. Fee: $3/member; $5/non-member. Rain date: February 28.

Ornithology 101 (A)

Saturdays, Feb. 14, 21, 28
10:00 AM – Noon
Saturdays, Mar. 7, 14, 21
10:00 AM – Noon
Are you looking for something a little more in-depth to help you with your study of birds? Gary Siegrist leads this six-week course in bird biology and ID. Fee: $100/member; $150/non-member.

Wetland Birds

Sunday, February 15
2:00 PM
We’ve selected three 20-minute movies to showcase some of the fascinating birds that call our local wetlands home.

The Coyotes of Southeastern Michigan (A) (F)

Saturday, February 21
2:00 PM
Join Bill Dodge, Wayne State University PhD candidate and head researcher with the Southeastern Michigan Coyote Research Project (SEMCRP), for an afternoon to learn about the coyotes that live in our area. Coyotes are important predators that are often misunderstood and as a result come into conflict with people. The program includes hands-on artifacts from Bill’s research Fee: $5/member; $8/non-member. Not for young children.

Natural Jackson

Sunday, February 22
2:00 PM
Over the years Andy Walz has photographed various parks and natural areas in Jackson County. This program will show the natural beauty of these areas at times and in ways that most Jacksonians probably have not seen them.