But Wait! There’s More!

Just when you thought summer camp was over, we bring you just a little bit more!  This year we asked parents to fill out surveys of their children’s experiences at our Outdoor Adventure Day Camp, and we thought we would share with you some of their replies.


My son loved the camp and is already asking to come for two weeks next summer.”  – E.R.


I can hardly get my son out the door to play at home, but he loves your outdoor camp.” – J.D.


My boys love this camp and look forward to it every year.” – anonymous


My family is going through some hard times and I could not afford camp, but we received help.  It was a very positive thing that was needed for my granddaughter!  Thank you.”  – A.R.


So impressed.  My son had nothing but good things to say about each day at camp, and everyone did a great job managing his food allergies.  I was very grateful for how all the staff worked with us to ensure our son could attend safely.”  – anonymous


Love camp!  Wish more weeks were offered possibly even half days for big kids.  My son loved survival week last year and this theme was good, too.”  – J.N.


I only wish there was an older kids camp, maybe through 8th grade.  Both kids enjoyed Dahlem camp through 6th grade and were sad to make it their last summer.” – A. M  [Stay tuned…we have some plans in the works for next summer that might just meet your need!.]


Don’t let camp be the only time you have any outdoor adventures!  Be sure to check out our upcoming public programs!  And remember, you can come out any explore any day on your own!

We believe strongly in benefits of getting outdoors to play and explore – help us continue to make memories for future generations by sending in a donation to our general operating fund today.  Thank you!

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