Sheila Wald Winter Speaker Series

Sheila Wald is from The Branch County Conservation District in Coldwater, MI. Ms. Wald is a CTAI-Conservation Technician (Conservation Technical Assistance Initiative). She holds a BS in Natural Resources Management with minors in Biology and Political Science. Sheila is the daughter of Pat Gallagher, Dahlem volunteer and President of the Master Gardeners and Dr. John Wald MD, a neurologist in Jackson, MI.

Saturday, January 13th: Our Changing Climate
I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “How is global warming possible when it is so cold?!” Sheila Wald will address and answer the common misconceptions about climate change, such as how it can be below zero and still be known as the warmest year on record. Find out the science behind the phenomenon, what is causing the rise in global temperature, what to expect in the future and what we can do about it for now and future generations.

Saturday January 20th: Keeping the Great Lakes Great
A precious resource not only to Michigan, but the entire continent–the health of the Great Lakes affects the environment and economy. Dive into discussion on a variety of issues currently facing our Great Lakes, including compromised water quality, the looming threat of water scarcity, and the vulnerable state of our fisheries. Sheila Wald will also help us understand what role we can play in keeping up the health and quality of the Great Lakes.

Sunday January 21st: Agricultural and Soils
Are you an avid gardener? Have experience on the farm? Or just want to learn and understand more about soil health and conservation? Then this is the event for you! Dig into a discussion on the importance of soil in our lives, our current unsustainable agricultural system, and the soil conservation methods that need to be taken. You’ll be surprised on how much you’ll learn about soil and Michigan’s agriculture!

Sunday February 18th: Native Prairies/Plants and Fires
Did you know that fire is a natural, necessary element to sustainable prairies? Learn more about Michigan’s native prairies and the importance of fire in our landscape. In a discussion on the history of prairies in Michigan, learn more about their importance in our ecosystem, and the benefits of fire, all while observing the native prairie restoration project at Dahlem. (Interactive walk, weather permitting)