Intro to Bee Keeping II

This past Saturday our bee keeper, Ben, gave his second bee class of the year out in the apiary.  Discussion included how to install a “nuc” (a nucleus of bees – better than a package of bees because they are already building comb and starting to make honey and raise broods), and what to do if your bees swarm.

Dahlem's Public Apiary

Dahlem’s Public Apiary: five “renters” and four adopt-a-hives.


Ben giving instructions.


Carrying the “nuc” to the hives for installation.



Class participants getting suited up.


_DSC1907Taking a peek at what’s happening in a hive.

We are very grateful to Ben for all his time and expertise in not only caring for our hives, but also providing top-notch instruction to other budding bee keepers and making sure everything runs smoothly in the apiary as well as in our new indoor hive.

The next bee class will be in late summer/early fall.  Stay tuned for details.

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