Outdoor Skills Series for Adults

Over the last couple years we have had several requests to do some outdoor skills classes for adults.  We are giving it a try this fall, with three classes that will help teach you new skills, or put a finer polish on skills you maybe once learned but haven’t used in a while.  Pre-registration is required by the Thursday before the program.  Programs have a minimum enrollment of four, and the fee is $15/member and $25/non-member per session.  However, you can save if you sign up for all three:  $40/member and $65/non-member.


Fire Building (Sept. 24) – We start the series off with a perennial favorite: fire!  During this class you will learn several primitive fire starting techniques (hand drill, bow drill, fire piston), how to build a fire that will not go out, and how to master the holy grail of fire-building:  the one-match fire!  And to make things a little extra fun, there will be a fire-building competition at the end!  Dress for the weather and expect to get dirty.



How to Use a Map & Compass ( Oct. 22 ) – GPS might be great, but what will you do when your batteries die, or if there are not enough satellites overhead, or you are in the deep woods and your device cannot “reach” a signal?  Knowing how to read a map and use a compass could save your life.  Your independence starts here!  Dress for the weather.



Build a Shelter (Nov. 26) – If you were to get lost in the woods, what would you do?  Learn to master the “modified stationary panic,” and then build a shelter that will keep you warn and dry until help arrives.  Dress for the weather and be prepared to get wet!  A great way to work off some of that turkey dinner, and make the leftovers seem really appealing afterwards!

Call or stop by to register!

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