Erosion Control

Wickwire Field Erosion Control

In 2011, The Dahlem Conservancy partnered with the Farm Service Agency and the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to repair erosion damage caused by the heavy rains we’ve experienced in recent years. Just under three acres of land was taken out of agricultural production in the Wickwire Field to install a grassed waterway and a grade stabilization structure, both designed by NRCS. These land improvements function to keep the soil in place, slow the flow of runoff water, and prevent further damage to the property. Eroded soils and fertilizers have washed into the sensitive fen area at Dahlem, which is home to Massasauga Rattlesnakes. Allowing this to continue could seriously impeded the success of these rattlesnakes, which is why the Dahlem Conservancy is pleased to preserve fen habitat by resolving our erosion issues in the Wickwire Field.

Grassed Waterway

A trough-shaped channel with a fairly gradual slope that slows down the flow of rainwater as it moves across the field. Slowing the water helps reduce the chance of creating rills and moving soil.

Rock Chute

A more drastic erosion control measure, typically used on steeper slopes over shorter distances. This feature allows water to flow freely between the rocks, while keeping the soil in place.