Summer Day Camp is Under Way!

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Dahlem’s Outdoor Adventure Day Camp is wrapping up its fir st week today.  Several weeks are still ahead of us, and it’s not too late to sign up!

Next week is Week 2 for campers ages 3-5 years old.  The topic is Forest Explorers, and all week campers will be checking out what is happening in the woods.  They will turn over logs, catch toads, wcampers 2014 in shelteratch birds, climb trees – it’s all going to be happening in the woods!

The following week (Jun 27-July 1) is also for our youngest campers (3-5 years old).   This will be a week spent over at the Ecology Farm, where they will get to learn all about growing vegetables at the community gardens, visit our apiary (from a safe distance), walk the Butterfly Trail, and more!  We have plenty of room, but don’t delay too long to sign your little ones up.

After the Fourth of July, camp gets underway for the older kids:  Kindergarten through 6th grade.


Session 1 (July 11-15) is Life in the Woods, and campers will get to spend every day in the shady woods learning who lives there and why.  They’ll learn the difference between the conifer plantation and the black oak savanna.  They’ll discover how to identify poison ivy and _DSC2395how to avoid “getting it.”  They will learn which birds are in the woods – by call and with binoculars.  They’ll look for frogs and toads, see who’s living under logs, and see how many different types of moss one tree can host!  It’s going to be a fabulous time – be sure to sign up before all the spots are taken!!



Session 2 (July 18-22) is very popular:  Outdoor Skills.  This is where our campers, regardless of age, get to learn how to take care of themselves when they are ou_DSC2400t in nature.  Getting lost will no longer be a problem!  They will learn how to build shelters, how to read maps, how to make whistles from acorn caps, how to find water, and how to use fire safely…among so many other great skills.  Some will go home with homemade first aid kits, others will become experts at tying knots.  It’s a week full of fun and adventure, and spots are all ready filling fast.  Call today to make sure your outdoor enthusiast doesn’t miss out!



Session 3 (July 25-29) takes everyone Out in the Field, where we will be sweeping for insects, looking for frogs, exploring our native wildflowers.  Grasslands and fens will be key habitats we will explore.  We will learn who lives there (how many 13-lined camp song lighterground squirrels will we find?) and how they survive.  We’ll also teach them how Dahlem manages our grasslands and open spaces – the value of fire on the landscape!  Campers might even get to help with some habitat restoration work!  Fun and education combined – what more could one want from a summer camp experience!  Don’t wait ’til the last minute to sign up!

Camp season ends with one more week of camp for 3-5 year olds:  Nature Explorers (August 1-5).  It’s going to be a great week of general nature discovery as we hit every habitat Dahlem has to offer.  We’ll be in the woods, the fields, and the stream.


You can get your registration papers right here on this website (click here for forms), or you can stop in and pick up a set during regular office hours.

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