Teachers’ Summer Camp Cancelled

It was with great regret that we had to cancel our Teachers’ Summer Camp, which was scheduled for this week.

The TSC was created to give area teachers a way to a) improve their knowledge of local natural history, b) learn how to integrate environmental and outdoor education into their STEM/STEAM curricula, and c) network with other teachers who are also interested in helping their students reconnect with nature.  This was Dahlem’s first time offering this three-day camp, which could earn teachers 12 SCECHs through the Jackson County ISD.

Several teachers who expressed interest in the camp had a conflict with a local conference that was running the same days.  In the end, we simply did not have enough teachers registered to make the program go.

Never the less, we plan to offer the program again next summer, and will check well in advance with the schools to make sure there are no date conflicts.

In the meantime, we encourage teachers who are interested in attending to get in touch with us so we can put them on a mailing list for direct contact next spring when we get ready to launch the program for 2017.  All contacts should go to Ellen Rathbone, Education Director:

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