Third Annual Faerie Fest & Dragon Days

This last Saturday, 13 September, was Dahlem’s third annual Faerie Fest & Dragon Days.  This family-oriented event is designed to get individuals and families of any age outside and using their imaginations – nature play.  For $5 participants get to build a fairy house or dragon lair in one of the five neighborhoods set up around the Realm.  There are wandering characters, vendors, and plenty of activities to fill out the day.

Our day started off a bit on the chilly and damp side, but by the afternoon the clouds had mostly cleared away and the sun was out – it was a perfect pre-fall day to be outside playing!
Here are some photos to give you a flavor of the day.
Rainbow Sprite and Ivy Fairy


The Ivy Fairy gives some building tips to some young visitors.


The Rainbow Sprite chats with a visiting dragon!


The Oak Fairy visits with a young builder.


Angus Folksinger was out drumming up business for his storytelling.


Gypsy and Fairy patrolling the neighborhoods.


A young visitor wanted to show our Fortune Teller her dragon lair.


 Here she tells him all about her creation.


A wood elf posed by Waterside, one of the neighborhoods.

We had some terrific vendors this year – and quite a variety!

WyrmTale Press was here with several of their books about dragons and fairies.


Dragon Fly Diary’s had fancy potion bottles.


Second Hand Metal Art had many wonderful yard art pieces, 
from giant ants to garden signs that said “I Do Believe.”


 We had fantasy ceramics by Body Links; crystals, wands and jewelry by Circle of Stones;
and soft sculptured dragons, pixies, elves and trolls.


There were nature-themed paintings, and Native American flutes.


 Nearby the Fortune Teller had his tent set up, and we also had a table 
where visitors could mix up potions to take home.

There was face painting…


and a make-and-take Gnome craft.



In the afternoon we had our annual Dragon Egg Hunt.




Inside each egg was a collection of semi-precious stones.

What could be more festive than tie-dying a t-shirt?


But, of course, the main attraction for the day was the creation of fairy houses and dragon lairs for the homeless fairies and dragons of Dahlem.  Each house or lair was made from found natural materials.







Some were very simple…


while others were amazing examples of creativity and imagination.




This was a dragon, outside its lair.

All were wonderful!


Even this frog had to check out the new digs!







All the houses will remain up for several weeks, so be sure to come on out to see what was built!  There are approximately 60 houses and lairs: some in the Children’s Garden (Garden Glen), some around the pond (Waterside), some under the Pear Tree (Pearidise), some in the Rock Garden (Dragon Lair) and some in the grassy area along the entry way (Woodland Glade).
Thank you, everyone, who came out to play with us, and and extra special thank you to all the Friends and volunteers who made this event possible.
Would you like to join us next year?  Put 19 September on your calendar for the 4th Annual Faerie Fest & Dragon Days.  New performers, vendors and characters welcome!
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