Tuesday Morning Group

Mikey Kress, left, along with a group of watchers, points their binoculars up toward a tree top as they identify a bird during the weekly Tuesday morning nature hike with Gary Siegrist at the Dahlem Center.

Dahlem Tuesday Morning Group

Every Tuesday morning, usually at 9:00, nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts join our staff for a morning of immersion in nature. Most days we meet at Dahlem and walk the trails, looking for birds, wildflowers, mushrooms, frogs…whatever is in season and catches our eyes. Other times we hit the road for an outdoor adventure at another location. Each spring we take a trip to Magee Marsh to witness the waves of warblers that are winging their way northward. Sometimes we go to Waterloo, Wampler’s Lake, Nan Weston Preserve, or even over to Canada or down to Ohio to experience some rare or impressive natural event that is in progress.

Most of the programs are led by Gary Siegrist, Naturalist and Stewardship Coordinator at Dahlem. Other staff or guest speakers occasionally share their specialties.

The programs usually end around 11:30 am, and many from the group continue their camaraderie over lunch nearby. Please Contact Us for more information.