Week Three of Camp Wraps Up

It is hard to believe that three weeks of camp have come and are nearly gone!  Tomorrow wraps up week three of the sessions for three- to five-year-olds.  And just to whet your appetite and convince you that this is  the perfect camp choice for your preschool-age children, take a look at what we did today.


First, we visited the Children’s Garden, where we saw spiders and chipmunks and did a flower scavenger hunt.



Looking for frogs at the little pond is always fun.  Not only did we find frogs, but we also saw some tadpoles and even caught a couple snails!



We really like the statues in the garden.  The bowl formed by the book the statue is holding was full of water, so we used it to wash the statue’s hair!



After the garden, we headed down to the stream.  There isn’t much water left in it – boy, do we need rain!



Still, we turned over rocks to see what might be living underneath.



And we made dams and channels to direct the water in different directions.



Chelsea found a itty bitty teeny tiny crayfish and we all got to take a look at it!



And then it was time for…SNACKS!



We have one more week of camp for preschool-age children if you would like to send your little ones to their first camp experience.  That session is August 1-5, 8:30 -11:30 AM.  It’s a month away, but don’t wait until the last moment to sign up…or there might not be any spaces left.  Camp scholarships (camperships) are available, too.  Give us a call or visit our website for more information and/or registration forms.

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