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Little Acorns

The mission of the Dahlem Little Acorns Nature Preschool is to provide an environment for children to explore, create, imagine, learn and grow through hands-on activities and experiences; to promote social, emotional and cognitive skills; and to instill a lifelong love, respect and understanding of nature.

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The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center shared Eat Local Grown's photo.Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 1:56pm
Karlynn Wighaman dandelion greens with hot bacon dressing was a staple good growing up as a child in PA... mom would sit on the ground with a paring knife,, and cut them at just the right time..
Teresa Smithers not to mention, dandelion wine and the roots are a great alternative for coffee. If I remember my history correctly, dandelion seeds were brought over here purposefully to cultivate the many health benefits.
William Cutbush Dandelions make a very attractive addition to any yard. It's time to stop trying to interfere in Nature just to suit our own ideas.
Joanie Crear "A weed is a plant you haven't found a use for yet" Jerry Baker, America's Master Gardener and author of the book "Plants are like People"
Skye Ware If you have to get rid of weeds, white vinegar will kill them on a sunny day, saturate with vinegar and they dry up roots and all.
Therese Mosa When available I use the greens in my daily juice. Ran into a black bear last spring while on our ATV and he was eating dandelions on the side of a trail when we came back an hour later he was still there eating dandelions. Nature is beautiful.
Wendy Sentance I leave my dandelions in the lawn. Their bright yellow flowers cheer me up and the bees love them. I've bought dandelion tea from the health food shop. Wouldn't use Roundup ever again after reading how devastating it is to us and our environment. Thanks for the post. ๐Ÿ™‚
Richard Jo Chapman Botanically there is no such plant as a weed.It is merely a term afforded to plant growing in the wrong place where it's not wanted. There is no doubt that a roadside display of dandelions are a wonderful sight in Spring.The reason they are so vilified is they have prolific seeding capability and once established in gardens for example are hard to eradicate because of their deep tap root.Even in small piece is left it will regrow quickly. Some weedkillers are being withdrawn,; those based on Glyphosate for example.
Janet Davies Makes a GREAT replacement for lettuce on sandwiches ...... toss the petals into a salad for heath and makes it prettier too !
Shea Macknair Goodson Krista Dyky, I really thought this was going to say something along the lines of "Don't call me a weed! That's racist. I am a beautiful calla lily because I choose to be and it's my right to be whatever I want, regardless of how God made me." And here it's about tea and soup and bees...
Nate Choquette I tell customers that I see a lot of weeds and invasives as plants that just "do their job too well"
Savannah Jean Herzig Plants are classified as weeds based on their aggressiveness. Weeds are plants that choke out neighboring plants, making it difficult for other species to grow in that area. Dandelions absolutely fit that description. No matter how useful it is, it's still a weed.
Denise De Decker I remember my mother making dandelion wine. Mom gave us a tablespoon once a month. I am the oldest of ten and remember our family had fewer & less severe colds than all the other kids on our block and in the schools we attended. Something to think about right. Denise
Adam Evans The problem is that they grow at such a rate that they cover and destroy pretty much anything that they grow next too, they spread so far and so fast once left to their own devices they will complete take over any area. I am going to try eating some because I am curious, but they still have to be controlled.
Linda Lee Esovoloff I cut my finger one summer and didn't have a band aid went outside a got a leaf from a dandelion works great. The rest of the dandelion went in my salad.
Madeline Bridgford Weed: "a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants." Just because it can be useful doesn't mean it's not a weed. It's an invasive species...
Joe Ball You have to be careful with dandelions though. There are some compounds in them that can cause some drug interactions. It's primarily the root though not the leaves. It has liver cyp450 enzyme inhibitors
Roberta Culp Conahan Yes, every summer my mother cooked a wonderful meal of dandelion with a hot bacon dressing like Karlynn described, also in the PA Dutch country where I grew up! It was wonderful!
Gary Norris its a fricking weed, bees will have to eat something else out of my yard , cause there wont be any dandelions for them to feast on, Ill get my rubber from Firestone, dont like coffee, ill stick to lettuce and kale for eating , oranges for my vitamin C, YEAP its a weed
Chris Wright And last but not least, Number 7, they invade flower beds and lawns making them a pain in the arse. Besides, removing them from gardens if we so choose isn't going to put them at risk of extinction. If the sunlight reaches a patch of ground, odds on a dandelion will sprout at some point.
Gloria Hall I grew up eating dandelion salads, my family gathered the wild greens in the fields in southern PA. Served course with hot bacon dressing...yummy!
Connie Bongiovanni My mom would take me and her friend to pick these in fields and we would make salad back in depression day my dad would make dandelions wine. My grand mom had a friend who would cook them and jar them with the water she would drink the water that they were cooked in she said it was good for her diabetes. I'm talking about back in the early 40s.
Dave Ferguson Dumbest thing I have ever read! 99.99% of Americans that are hippies will never make tea, never make rubber, never use it to cure cancer and never harvest it from their yards.
Denise De Decker When Mom made dandelion wine we were only allowed to pick those that had not been sprayed with a 'weed killer' and she only used the yellow top - none of the green.
Eva Ford My daughter keeps their first flowers for the bees. If she has to mow, she sets the blades up. She tries to leave the clover blossoms, too.
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center added 2 new photos.Friday, January 20th, 2017 at 5:27am

The Little Acorns had a wonderful morning listening to and watching the stream! They loved seeing all the bubbles in the stream!
They also created some colorful art by shaking wooden marbles covered in paint around their paper!

The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center shared Just Eat Real Food's photo.Thursday, January 19th, 2017 at 3:22am

Spring is coming! Start planning now, order seeds and ready your pallets.

K Sage Buffington Plants are way too close together. They need more space to spread out. Boards are impregnated with toxic chemicals. I'll stick with my raised beds and biodynamic soil, thank you very much.
Willow Silverhawk You have to be really careful with where the pallet came from, how the wood was treated, and what was shipped on it. Pallets are cool for a lot of things, but it just seems too risky to grow food in them.
Allison Stafford You must know your source, however! Most shipping pallets are treated with insecticides for pest management, especially in transit from other countries. Not a good idea for use with edibles! Bee aware... Be well! ๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ž
Larry Lesterud Actually, please don't poison yourselves by growing food in pallets. Many are treated with insecticides and rodenticides to prevent infestation during transit. Unless you know that they are untreated pallets, don't grow food in them. I don't mean to be a bummer because I love creative re-use but it only makes a great garden idea if it's non-food plants.
Kyra Lane McCabe Leah McCabe, you and mom should do this along the side of the house. Do them with flowers though, just in case the wood has chemicals or something.
Sarah Fuller Pallets aren't normally treated. Fine for garden use. Even treated wood is fine as the levels of poison are so minimal. Speaking from years of experience.
Thomas GT Grant If you line your pallet herb garden with the correct plastic with seepage holes for drainage as i have then you don't need to worry about chemicals at all.
Amanda Knell Not for leafy lettuce which it looks like is what's planted and heat treated pallets have no chemicals that's why u use those
Jessica Geistman-Rosas Just be cautious about pallets that are treated or have been prayed with chemicals. That would leach into you vegetables. Good idea but hard to find pallets you could actually do this with.
Melissa LaRose Only if it's heat treated-usually stamped with HT somewhere and NOT chemically treated which is usually stamped with MT, if I remember correctly
Kay Collins Hi Jolene Silver. Liked the concept at first but then read the comments. Many recommending that pallets should not be used to grow edible vegetables as wood is treated with toxic chemicals.
Mike Wilkins USDA regulations require manufacturers to treat wooden pallets before shipping to prevent the spread of pathogens. They either treat pallets by fumigating them with methyl bromide, a toxic pesticide, or by heat-treating them in kilns. For reusing purposes, look for pallets stamped with an โ€œHTโ€, which means they havenโ€™t been exposed to chemicals (at least not in the treating process.) Avoid unmarked pallets or those with โ€œMBโ€ for methyl bromide.
Gayle Bowman I like the look of a pallet but would put flowers in them. I'd be afraid of getting sick from the vegetables or herbs grown in the pallet .
Carol Belli Cool- great comments about watching for contamination - didn't think of that!๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Amanda Peace Jenny I thought of you- but I'm sure you already know this one!๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜˜๏ธ๐ŸŒฟ
Emily Kelleher Renee Milliken this looks so cool.. how's your little veggie patch going?
Stefanos Stavros Steve Just make sure yr pallet isn't from f'n China - they r soaked with pesticides before export
Jeff Omernik Tried this 2 years ago. Weeds will grow under boards and you can't get at them. Also the rows are too close together.
Candy Tierney Ainsley Tierney think there's one spare pallet down the back to do this!
Sue Litwin Fousek Donna Dorweiler Roehl, I saw this and it made me think of something you may like.
Gdj Jasper Celoche and Linda Champagne. Maybe not use actual pallets but make one out of cedar?
Dana BC Goob Sie, Steph maybe for herbs on the deck?
Rhys Pryde-Wall Lewis Jack Andrew Finn but if you use it for that where would you sleep?
Tiffany Bennett Whitaker Candace Hope Clarkson this looks like something you would do!
Marie Northcott Donna Sialepis this is cool. You could do this in your yard Lee Sialepis
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center shared Michigan Beekeepers' Association's post.Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 at 7:00am

Attention Beekeepers and anyone interested in becoming a Beekeeper might like to attend the Spring Conference 2017.

Jacki Stair David Strawser
Mae Horrigan Katie
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education CenterWednesday, January 18th, 2017 at 12:31am

Little Acorns Nature Preschool will be closed today, 1/17/17 due to icy road conditions. Stay safe out there today if you must travel!

The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center shared Squirrels of Oshawa, (for those who love them)'s photo.Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 at 2:23pm

Hello there!!

Lynda Donaldson Adorable!!
Jackie Girard Brother from another mother. ๐Ÿ™‚
Elizabeth Cheeley hello
Heather Evans Awww! Hi dere! They say! lol!
Connie Prado
Christina Murphy Kettlebell Camp
Bridget Roosen So cute!!
Mapache Miguel
Fata Primavera will he turn in a prince ?
Mitzi Gerdes <3
Christian Chereau bisous bisous!!!
Keri Leaman My prince! I must kiss him!
Sara Fall Two of my favorite animals in one photo! Adorable!!!!!
Penny Ronan Awwww
Vicky Pritt O no little fur baby, do not lick frogs, you don't know where the trip will take you!
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education CenterTuesday, January 17th, 2017 at 5:10am

Stewardship Volunteers are needed. Please contact the office at 517-782-3453. There are many opportunities to help out at Dahlem.

The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center shared David Wolfe's video.Monday, January 16th, 2017 at 7:54am

The silver lining to freezing cold days... frozen soap bubbles!

The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
David Wolfe
This Is What Happens When You Blow Soap Bubbles At Freezing Temperature
Michelle BarlondSmith SO GOING TO DO THIS ....
The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education CenterMonday, January 16th, 2017 at 3:08am

The Nutshell Gift Shop will be closed Sunday and Monday and reopen Tuesday Morning at 9:00 am. Trails are open dawn to dusk. Bring the family out and get some healthy exercise and enjoy the sun and winter warm up this week!

The Dahlem Environmental Education Center
The Dahlem Environmental Education CenterMonday, January 16th, 2017 at 3:01am

Little Acorn preschool will be closed Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Day.