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Providing environmental education and land
conservancy services to the residents of
south central Michigan.

Little Acorns

The mission of the Dahlem Little Acorns Nature Preschool is to provide an environment for children to explore, create, imagine, learn and grow through hands-on activities and experiences; to promote social, emotional and cognitive skills; and to instill a lifelong love, respect and understanding of nature.

Dahlem Membership

As a member you receive free or reduced admission to public programs, advanced registration and reduced rates for Outdoor Adventure Summer Day Camp, and a 10% discount on purchases in the Nutshell Gift Shop.

Adventure Day Camp

Children and the outdoors go hand-in-hand. Or at least they used to. Today too many children spend their childhood indoors watching a screen. Studies show that getting kids outside not only improves their physical well-being, it also works wonders on their psychological health, improves their academic skills, and even helps those with ADHD.


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Little Acorns Golf Scramble

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Hunger Games 2015

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Our wonderful volunteer bee keeper, Ben, and his dad Larry, came in Saturday evening (14th) to install our new indoor bees! We first put up a temporary "room" that would help keep any stray bees contained. Then after getting his smoker primed, Ben smoked the bees in their temporary housing - the "nuc" where he has been holding them for the last week while we got our hive installed. After the smoke had a few moments to make the bees calm, Ben carried the nuc inside and into the plastic "room," where one by one he removed the bee-covered frames and placed them in the new hive. Once installed, and all stray bees were hoovered up, we took down the temporary "room," et voila! The new observation hive is open and ready for business!

We are working on developing a whole new exhibit about native pollinators as well as the honey bees. We will be seeking grant money to make this happen. In the mean time, we are putting up the old bee hive signs so visitors can identify what is going on in the hive.
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Hummingbird eggs are tiny -- about the size of jelly beans! Please remember to carefully check for nests before you trim trees and shrubs this spring. What to do if you find a bird nest: 1.usa....

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