Dahlem’s Community Gardens 2015

Despite what has turned out to be a cooler and damper summer than usual, things are growing and ripening at the Community Gardens!



As always, some of our gardeners add touches of whimsey to their plots.



The zukes are ready!


And even some ‘maters are ripe!





 And then there are the strange “crops.”
I have no idea what this is, but there are several in one of the gardens.


 And someone has some very large kohlrabi growing.


I admit, I was sorely tempted to sample a leaf of this luscious-looking lettuce!



Our gardeners are doing a great job this year.  The plots are lovely and veg are growing!  I was surprised to see so much that was already ripe!
Visitors are welcome to walk through the gardens for inspiration, but please do not help yourself to the produce.


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